Keeping both your precious dogs & your equally-precious own feet warm this winter with Barbour Dogs products & Barbour (Human!) Wellies

Wave a not-so-fond farewell to freezing feet and drenched pooches this winter! At Allweathers, we’ve had enough of that - cold toes are unarguably the weakest link in a snuggly winter outfit. And the winter wind spares no dog, either, which is why we’ve put together some of our top choices for keeping both you and your best fri end as toasty as can be for those long winter walks.

Dog products for a warm and happy best friend
Our selection of doggy coats make for perfect holiday gifts, keeping your best friend snug as a bug in stylish yet cosy fabrics such as waxed cotton and polyester. We are particularly besotted with the Barbour Battersea Wax Dog Coat in olive , which comes on a range of sizes for all manner of breeds. With a corduoroy collar, tartan lining, and the Battersea Dogs and Cats home paw motif, your fluffy friend will look as handsome as they come. The cotton lining will sit softly against his skin—keeping him warm with an extra layer of natural body head—while a waxed cotton outer will protect against the damp.

If your dog doesn’t quite fancy olive (if it doesn’t work with your human outfit!), the Barbour Wax Dog Coat in Black is a handsome alternative, and available in XXL for Great Danes and more! This one’s particularly cosy with a quilted texture and fold-forward corduroy collar against the wind. Designed with an adjustable underbody strap and a Velcro-fastening, your sidekick won’t be bothered by an uncomfortable fit even after he has a nice roll around. Although we hope he doesn’t take that grass and mud to your carpet!

Our special favourite is the truly gorgeous Barbour Tartan Quilted Dog Coat —it’s absolutely adorable. A moisture-resistant 100% polyester outer with a beautifully classic tartan Barbour design keeps your best friend as warm and dry as possible on those winter adventures you take together. Like the Barbour Wax Dog Coat in Black, it comes with a secure velcro fastener and a detailed cord collar for extra doggy class. At Allweathers, we’ve got a range of sizes of this gorgeous doggy coat, a lovely gift for smaller Yorkies to larger Labs and everything in between.

But...we know getting back home to the warmth is the really fun part of walking the dog. Why not treat your trusty pet to the Barbour Quilted Dog Bed in Olive , for some truly decadent dozing? Its 18” design makes it the perfect fit for Poms, Chihuahuas, Pekes, and other toy dogs to snuggle up in sumptuous comfort beside the fire, while a quilted tartan inner cushion pad is soft as can be against his skin.

Men's and Women's Wellies for warm & dry toes
Well, well, wellies...someone’s got to take the dog out! There’s just no need to freeze your toes while you’re doing so this winter with Allweathers’ selection of Barbour Wellington Boots.

We’ve got two favourites this winter when it comes to Barbour men’s wellingtons. Whether you’re taking the dog out in the country, city, or braving the winter cold for some other reason, the Barbour Men's Bede Wellington Boots in Olive are a top choice. Mud, snow, and puddles will stop being a worry with these non-slip, waterproof, vulcanised hard-wearing rubber boots. An inner cotton lining will keep you comfy, but we’re especially fond of the kick-spur feature that makes kicking off these wellies super-easy.

Colour scheme is no excuse for muddy footprints in the house, either, because our favourite Barbour Men's Bede Wellington Boots are also available in classic Black and handsome Navy . Ideal for country work and leisure, these are durable and long-lasting with side adjusters for a better fit. They’re all topped off with an embossed ‘J Barbour & Sons’ branding on the upper to complete your warm and toasty winter look. This season’s women’s wellies are equally cosy and just as attractive—the Barbour Women's Battersea Wellington Boots in Olive are 100% rubber to keep out the rain and cold. Even better, they’re designed to be the perfect match for the Barbour Battersea Wax Dog Coat in olive with a lovely cute paw print in the tread and metal Battersea charm to match. Need we say more?

Last but certainly not least, we couldn’t recommend the Barbour Women's Cleadon Wellington Boots more highly. Vulcanised rubber uppers and a durable, non-slip sole make these a tough and non-slip solution for braving the slopes with your canine companion. A convenient leg adjuster strap lets you tighten these for a walk or loosen them for easy removal, and a signature Classic Barbour Tartan lining mean’s they’re cheerful on the inside, too!

Heading for an exciting outdoor adventure this? Keep your feet dry and your toes warm...and don’t forget the dog!

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