History of Rab

With Rab outdoor clothing and climbing equipment, everybody is ready to face the toughest conditions and the most extreme environments in the world. Founded over 35 years ago, this outdoor brand has become a household name in the climbing and mountaineering community. Rab is renowned for its free movement and comfortable materials, which are also protective and resilient to face any outdoor challenge in any environment.

Rab aims to equip all climbers for their expeditions, as well as walkers and hikers all over the word facing their own personal challenges. With a range of Coats and Jackets, as well as outdoor Gilets and vests, Rab has built a collection of clothing made from high quality and cutting edge materials, providing the right gear needed for the ascent.

Everyone who enjoys climbing and mountaineering has heard of Rab. But, what is the story behind the brand?

Rab the Founder
This outdoor mountain clothing company is named after its original founder, Rab Carrington. He was a Scotsmen who grew up in Glasgow with a passion and love for outdoor exploring. In the 1970s, Rab spent most of his climbing and he embarked on many successful expeditions across the world, including the Alps and the Himalayas. In 1980, Rab and his family moved down to Sheffield to join a bigger climbing community that had emerged, as well as drier landscapes. This is where his next adventure would begin. This time, it would be tackling the challenges of building a new company.

Humble Beginnings
In 1981, Rab worked hard to provide for his family after the birth of his daughter and he worked on a building site during the day. In the evenings, he began making down sleeping bags and practical clothing for climbing by hand. The products that he started creating in his attic quickly became popular and there was a demand within the climbing community for his creations. In response, Rab decided to move to a factory in Sheffield to grow his business and fulfil his aim of providing quality expedition clothing. The secret behind his success was his committed, hardworking and honest approach, as well as his aspiration to bring durable and resilient clothing, suitable for any outdoor conditions. As a climber and mountaineer himself, he knew exactly what clothing and equipment the community needed. In addition, he made sure every piece was tested extensively to ensure it was fit for purpose.

Unchartered Territory
During the 1990s, Rab kept growing and the company became a famous brand for outdoor clothing. The company went on to partner and work with other well-known material companies such as Pertex, creating superior climbing clothing that was warm and resilient for extreme expeditions. Even to this day, clothing such as the Rab Women’s Microlight Alpine Jacket Twilight the Rab Men’s Neutrino Endurance Jacket are made from Pertex to ensure heat and comfort in cold and windy conditions.

In the years that followed up until the present day, Rab has led the way in creating high-performance mountain clothing and equipment, using lightweight but tough materials that lasted the tests of time and through extreme weather conditions.

Rab in 2017
While Rab Carrington has now retired and sold his business, the passion and adventure behind the brand still lives on today. After being founded over 35 years ago, Rab enjoys a great reputation within the climbing and mountaineering scene. With extensive Rab men’s clothing and Rab women’s clothing ranges, there is something to suit every outdoor explorer; from walking and hiking to climbing and mountaineering, nothing and nowhere is off limits. You can find a collection of innovative new materials and Pertex constructions, as well as time-tested materials, such as premium quality European down. All with the common purpose of providing flexible, comfortable and durable clothing that is ready to face the coldest, wettest and windiest conditions out in the wild of outdoor expeditions.

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